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At Cubex Energy, we help our clients optimize their energy costs by harnessing our expertise in wholesale power trading and advanced analytical capabilities.



Our market analytic platform is built on the expertise of a team of market professionals with trading backgrounds



Cubex Energy is equipped with a deep technical background, led by software professionals with over 20 years of experience 



Our company has invited the leading UK electricity professionals to provide us with continuous support and consultancies



What is a wholesale electricity market

Wholesale electricity market in the UK has been revolutionized by the introduction of the power exchanges. This innovative platforms allows for real-time trading of electricity between buyers and sellers, enabling a more efficient and transparent market. The power exchanges operates on a day-ahead and intraday basis, allowing for flexibility in the buying and selling of electricity. This is particularly beneficial for companies who need to manage their energy consumption on a shorter time frame. 



One of the key advantages of the power exchanges is the increased transparency it provides. The platforms allow for greater visibility into the market, enabling companies to make more informed decisions when buying and selling electricity. This increased transparency also promotes fair competition among market participants, ultimately leading to better prices for consumers.



A brief history of Cubex Energy

Our company was founded in 2023 by a group of young, ambitious individuals with a passion for the energy industry. With a strong focus on data analytics and innovative technology, we quickly established ourselves as a strong player in the wholesale power trading market. From the beginning, we set out to disrupt the status quo and challenge the traditional players in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and take calculated risks to achieve success. Our rapid growth and success in such a short period of time is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team. We look forward to continuing to shape the future of power trading for years to come.

  • 2022

    The team of data professionals gathered together to start their research of the UK ex-ante markets and making first electricity demand and generation models.

  • 2023

    We have obtained Balancing Responsible Party (BRP) status, a critical component for our operations in this industry.

  • We have initiated our registration process with the EPEX SPOT exchange and are actively pursuing an ECC license.



Building a Team of Talent and Excellence

People are our greatest asset. We bring together passionate individuals to form a united front of talent and excellence. We are constantly seeking out brilliant data analytics, power traders, and software developers to join our team. In addition, we collaborate with UK universities to provide first job opportunities for prospective students.



Improving the Efficiency of the Power Market

The main pillars of energy and climate change policies include the integration and use of renewable generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency, while ensuring a secure and affordable energy supply. To achieve this, National Grid has developed a number of reforms aimed at introducing and coordinating competition in electricity markets, with the objective of separating or unbundling former 

 energy monopolies and ensuring the distinction between regulated and non regulated activities for electricity. As an independent market participant, Cubex Energy believes that our work contributes to the effectiveness of the power market, prioritizing energy efficiency, achieving global leadership in renewable energies, and providing a fair deal for generators and consumers.



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